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image: Radiant flux Nami Yamamoto 2009


Living Proof

flora, fauna & fossil fuels

January 13 - February  26, 2018
Space 151
Levy Art + Architecture
151 Potrero Ave, San Francisco, CA

Please join us for the opening Saturday January 13, 2018 from 5 to 8

Artists include: Sharon Beals, Kevin Cooley, Mia Feuer, James Griffith, Roger Hangarter, Jenny Kendler, Allison Kudla, Philip Andrew Lewis, Denise Newman, Flynn O'Brien, Sasha Petrenko, Gail Wight & Nami Yamamoto

Digital Nature:
Techno-Botantical Art in the Garden

Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden
October 2016

In the Labyrinth     Chris Doyle, 2016
Sleepwalkers (Night Blooming Cereus)     Courtney Egan, 2013

Swamp Gas     David Sullivan, 2009

Still Life     Andrew McKee & Shirley Watts, with Nathanael Prunet & Steve Craig, 2016

Hydraphilia    Gail Wight, 2009

Lagerstroemia Indica     John Carpenter & Justin Shrake, 2016

Smog House    Kevin Cooley, 2016

El Camino Real    Jeff Cain, 2011

Blacklisted: A Planted Allegory (Asylum)    Jenny Yurshansky, 2015

Anatomy of Poem    Rebecca Ruige Xu, Pablo Palacio, & Sean Hong-Sheng Zhai, 2012
The History of Trees     Sandra Osborne, 2016
Lessons from the Forest (with Nomadic Projection Unit #1)    
Sasha Petrenko, 2016

On October 21 & 22nd, 2016, Natural Discourse and the Los Angeles County Arboretum presented a spectacular evening of animation, light and sound in the garden. A group of acclaimed contemporary artists were invited to project their work onto the rich canvas of the botanical garden. With themes as diverse as invasive exotics, natural pigments, plant tropism and an ancient Chinese poem, these digital and video works explored the intersection of horticulture and technology. Sited within the Arboretum’s collections, the art created surprise and delight in one of LA’s most treasured public gardens.

Watch the short film ︎

Natural Discourse:
Artists, Architects, Scientists, & Poets in the Garden

University of California Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Fogcatcher     Nami Yamamoto

Under the Influence     Gail Wight

Sol Grotto      Ronald Rael & Virginia San Fratello

The Delight of Earthly Gardens     Matthew Suib & Nadia Hironaka

Shade     Todd Gilens

Botanica Recognita     Denise Newman & Deborah O’Grady

O Music of Eyes     Shirley Alexandra Watts & Deborah O’Grady

Light Portraits     MB Maher

Human:Nature     Jane Anne Friel
Water Pavillion     Mary Anne Friel

This text is FPO and for general length—We are grateful for the initial funding from the Pasadena Art Alliance, which allowed us to develop the project. We thank the LA County Arts Commission through the Community Impact Arts Grant program for their significant support. 

Many thanks to our donors: Ralph Crispino Jr, Marie Csete and John Doyle, Cordelia Donnelly, Ann Hatch, Francie Rehwald, Joann Schwentker and Andrea Testa-Vought and Metta Watts, your support was invaluable.

We are indebted to Richard Schulhof, CEO of the Arboretum, for his vision and faith in us. Many thanks to all of the staff at the Arboretum who helped make this possible; Robin Sease for her tireless work on electrical systems, sitecoordination and even lending us her personal stapler! Nancy Yoshihara, Timothy Philips, Brittany Fabeck, Sylvia Rosenberger, all of the dedicated Arboretum volunteers and the wonderful student flash light brigade. —FPO.

© 2017, Natural Discourse
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